The Ultimate Bird Lover

Check out my story “Whistle While You Work” in The Ultimate Bird Lover, HCI Books, 2010.
You will enjoy the personal stories of up close encounters with our feathered friends. There are also beautiful full-color photos throughout the book.
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The Ultimate Christian Living

My submission “Baskets of Blessings” has been published in The Ultimate Christian Living, HCI Books, 2010.
The Ultimate Christian Living celebrates the presence and meaning of Christianity in your life. My story is that of a challenging family that visited our church plant on Easter Sunday. We prayed for our own needs to be met, but God sent us someone with greater needs. Our response to them became the unexpected answer to prayers.
“Life can be a challenge in many ways, and those who follow in the footsteps of Jesus have a message to share–one filled with hope, faith, charity, and devotion. In The Ultimate Christian Living, you’ll find solace in the true accounts of service to others, challenges faced, and overcoming through faith. Stunning color photographs complement these poignant and heartfelt stories, and you’ll discover marvelous insights from church leaders and laypersons on living a Christian life. Members of some of the largest congregations in America share their thoughts in essays on Christian tenets such as keeping faith alive, knowing and loving God, and living the Golden Rule.
Anyone seeking to live a rich, joyous, and spiritually fulfilling life will treasure The Ultimate Christian Living as it showcases ordinary people who endeavor to live the word of Jesus.”

Pearl Girls

I’m excited to be included among a select group of women chosen to contribute essays to the first “Pearl Girls” book:

encountering grit, experiencing grace
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Every Pearl Girl story holds a message of hope and grace.
God isn’t finished with us yet!
– Karen Kingsbury, bestselling author of the
Above the Line series

“Perhaps you have heard the story of the oyster that unexpectedly gets a piece of sand stuck inside its shell. Nacre coats this irritant and creates a pearl. Like the oyster, we encounter unexpected grit in our everyday lives—illness, loss, disappointment, pain, changes . . . and the list goes on. However, God’s nacre of love and grace covers our pain and transforms us into precious pearls. Pearl Girl™.

You will read true stories from some amazing women who have unexpectedly encountered grit and experienced grace through the difficult times. You won’t want to miss one of these inspiring narratives! Perhaps you will recognize your own situation or know someone else who is facing similar circumstances. The prayer of Pearl Girls™ is that you will find comfort and assurance of God’s grace and love during life-changing moments and during the everyday challenges. You are not alone.” ~Margaret McSweeney, Editor


It’s a thrill for me to have contributed two “Life Letters” to my daughter’s second book,


Finding Freedom to Thrive in Relationships After Childhood Sexual Abuse

(available at

So very proud of Nicole!

Visit her website:

“Breathe is to Hush as fulfillment is to a promise. Nicole’s experience, wisdom, compassion and insight uniquely qualify her to console, encourage and challenge victims of sexual abuse in their ongoing healing. She also masterfully addresses those who help, offering information and advice. Each chapter is cohesively written with an account of a person from the Bible, an explanation of difficulties inherent in that particular element of recovery or support, narrative examples from people Nicole has encountered in her ministry and a “life letter” written by someone other than Nicole, addressing the reader from his or her perspective – friend, mother, husband, fellow victim. Every reader will leave the book with clearer understanding of and commitment to the “circle of inspiration” God intended for those who have been victimized by childhood sexual abuse. Breaking the silence begins the healing. Thriving relationships are the “next step” and the reward of God’s promise to dry every tear and bind every wound.
Breathe helps us take that step.”
– Edee Schulze, Ph.D.,Vice President for Student Life, Bethel University

“Those who have experienced sexual abuse as children know it is a dark and lonely road. This book shines the light of truth in such a practical way, and it provides a helping hand reaching out to those struggling for another breath.” – Chris Fabry, author and host of Chris Fabry Live!


I have the distinct privilige and honor to recommend
Hush: Moving From Silence to Healing
After Childhood Sexual Abuse
from a professional perspective as well as
the perspective of proud mother
of author Nicole Bromley!
Available at
Also visit: www.