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What We Do

Woven Women International, Inc. carries our mission of "being woven into a tapestry of love"  to improve lives and the standard of living for women, children, and pastors of other nations. Our focus group for the past 4 years has been the East African countries. Below are some examples of how we are making a difference. 

Preach and teach in multiple churches, open air crusades, and women's conferences.​ In January, 2018, over 100 received Christ and several hundred surrendered their whole hearts to God. 

Restore dignity with gifts of Undies for Africa and sanitary pads. In the past 2 years we have delivered over 800 pair of underwear and 400 washable fabric sanitary pads to women in East Africa. 

Empower school girls with Days for Girls hand sewn menstruation kits. Since 2017, our Newark, OH Days for Girls team has constructed nearly 350 kits tor Uganda girls to attend school uninterrupted by puberty.


Unite women through planting Woven groups and providing seed money for micro-enterprises. Our investment go far in East Africa. 

Equip pastors with Bibles in their language. This year we were blessed through donors to provide 70 pastors with a Bible. 

Train Woven Women with new skills. Our Woven Women Int'l. jewelry is a joint effort in the US and in Africa to raise funds for our cause. Made from precious finds from multiple places, each piece is a one-of-a-kind treasure. 

Donate toward Woven small enterprises. Woven has provided sewing machines to train young girls and women to sew and use these skills to produce an income. One of our Woven International teams is now making the menstruation kits and were able to fill an order for making 400 menstruation kits! In other locations, sewing centers have been established. 

Sponsor children with school fees. In Uganda, you have to pay to learn, even public schools require tuition. Many pastors take in orphans, so school fees are a constant drain on their income.


Gift families with gifts of soap, salt, and sugar, which are a luxury to families in the bush. This is one way we show the love of God to the poor of Africa. We go to homes and we also give these gifts at crusades and conferences. 

Appoint leaders to carry out our mission. We have been blessed with strong leaders who continue to plant Woven Women groups while we are home in the USA. That is why Woven is growing exponentially in the East Africa region. 

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