Register Your Woven Group
Why Register?

There are several benefits to registering your Woven group on this website. Here are a few:


  • You will be able to log in with your own password and ID and gain access to supplemental materials to share with your Woven group.

  • You will receive updates on the Woven ministry, new items on sale, and new leadership materials, events, and blog posts available for using in your group/ministry.

  • Woven Women International will use your group locations to help determine where to hold Woven Women Weekends or conferences. 


Options for leading a Woven ministry:

1. WOVEN GROUP LEADER: You are leading a group of women using the Woven book.

2. WOVEN WOMEN'S MINISTRY: You want to begin the Woven Women ministry in your church or community using the book to launch multiple Woven groups and/or share the vision of Woven via events for women. 

Once you register you will receive further resources to lead your women as they are available, and as we grow an online community of Woven Women leaders. 

Please do not fill out multiple forms for the same group/ministry.

Welcome to Woven Women!