Woven Women International, Inc. seeks to empower women by uniting them and encouraging them to pool their skills and resources toward sustainable living.


We seek to improve the lives and standard of living for women, children, and pastors in impoverished countries.


We restore dignity by providing basic needs such as sanitary pads and underwear.


We do this through speaking, teaching, writing, fundraising, and initiating new Woven Women groups.

Can I help?

I would love to hear from you! Let's talk about ways we can work together to revitalize your current women's ministry or launch a Woven ministry in your church. 


Here are some ideas:

  • INVITE me to speak at your conference or event.

  • LAUNCH a Woven ministry in your church or community.

  • HOST a Woven Weekend, Woven Quiet Retreat, Girls' Night Out, Leadership Training or Outreach. 

Contact Cindy 

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